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Research and work in progress

Economic History Goes Digital: Topic Modeling the Journal of Economic History (2019)

In: Cliometrica 13 (1), S. 83–125. (see here)
Digitization and computer science have established a completely new set of methods with which to analyze large collections of texts. One of these methods is particularly promising for economic historians: topic models, i.e., statistical algorithms that automatically infer the content from large collections of texts. In this article, I present an introduction to topic modeling and give an initial review of the research using topic models. I illustrate their capacity by applying them to 2675 articles published in the Journal of Economic History between 1941 and 2016. By comparing the results to traditional research on the JEH and to recent studies on the cliometric revolution, I aim to demonstrate how topic models can enrich economic historians’ methodological toolboxes.

Von Wirtschaftsweisen und Topic Models: 50 Jahre ökonomische Expertise aus einer Text Mining Perspektive (2019)

accepted conference paper at DHd 2019, coming up

Quantifizierung quantifizieren. Eine empirische Analyse der Anwendung quantitativer Methoden in der deutschen Geschichtswissenschaft

with Michael Buchner, Tobias Jopp and Mark Spoerer, currently under review

The German Council of Economic Experts as perceived by the media, a text mining approach (1965-2015)

doctoral dissertation, see here


Newspaper articles (selection)

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  • History Department (Bachelor and Master level):
    Anonymous was a Woman: On the Economic History of Women
    The Economic History of Western Germany, 1945-2000
    Tit for tat: Game Theory for Historians
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    Microeconomics I
    Public Sector Economics I