Dr. Lino Wehrheim

Lino is an economist and economic historian working on topics such as behavioural finance and psychology, economic experts, and media analysis. He is an expert in natural language processing, with a particular focus on topic modelling and sentiment analysis.


lino.wehrheim [at] gmail.com
Twitter: @lino_wehrheim



New Paper Alert: We study how zero-shot learning can be used to extract sentiment data from historical finance newspapers. The paper was accepted at the DHd 2023 conference. Link


New Paper Alert: Our paper on the history of German historiography is out. Using topic modelling, we identify research patterns and trace “turns” in German history journals. Link


Last weekend, I read Jeff Sutherland’s “Scrum”, and despite my initial impression of this being merely a popular buzzword, I must admit that the book actually contains some stimulating insights. However, I thought that it describes just the way that people in academia do their work, of course without calling it “scrum”. So, I took the PSM I test, and now I can call myself “professional scrum master”. Let’s see where this leads me to… Maybe to writing a book on “SciScrum”?


The Münchner Merkur published a feature on the German Council of Economic Experts, including some comments by myself. Link


Last month, I have been a visiting researcher at Uppsala University, particularly the Centre for Digital Humanities. I also had the chance to engage with members from the Department of Economic History. Such a great experience!


I wrote a guest feature on the German Council of Economic Experts for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. You can find it here.


New review of my book “Im Olymp der Ökonomen” by Ullrich Heilemann in Journal of Economics and Statistics (in German).


New Working Paper: “A mirror to the world. Taking the German News Magazine Der Spiegel into a Topic Modeling/Sentiment Perspective”. See Publications.


On my way to present at the Economic and Business History Society’s Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.


This week, I was invited to hold a workshop on Text Mining and Topic Modeling at the German Historical Institute in Paris. As you can see, it was great fun!


Here you can find my latest FAZ-article on the educational background of German politicians.


We are organising a workshop on “Digital Methods in History and Economics”, which will take place via Zoom in October 2021. You can find the CfP here.


At the IVth Congress for Economic and Social History, my dissertation was awarded with the Friedrich-Lütge prize for outstanding dissertations by the German Society for Social and Economic History (GSWG).


The Süddeutsche Zeitung published my article on the history of the German Council of Economic Experts, see here.